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Cat Scratching Mat

Cat Scratching Mat

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The perfect alternative to cat scratching posts and ropes, easier to install and long-lasting.

Repair/Protect your furniture - keep your home looking like new

One pad for multiple uses: 

Can be placed on the sofa, wall, bedside or on the floor 

Cat furniture protector: 

Cat are naturally drawn to rough-textured surfaces for scratching, the cat scratch mat surfaces meet cats instinctual scratching needs, which is scratch-resistant and does not shed easily, can draw your cat's attention away from your valuable furniture, not only keeping your cat happy but also protecting your furniture from cat scratching.

Healthy and Safe Material: 

The cat scratching mat is made of high-quality environmentally friendly polyester fiber. The unique self-adhesive backing ensures firm adhesion to various furniture surfaces and leaves no glue after disassembly.

How to use

Super easy to put on, just measure, cut it along the grid line, then peel the backing off and stick it on. Not limited to just doors, our scratching mat can be used on various surfaces, including window sills, windows, and door frames. This multi-purpose solution provides comprehensive protection for your home, ensuring your furniture and surroundings remain scratch-free.

Easy to DIY 

The cat scratching mat can be cut into any shape according to actual needs and attached to your cat scratching post for replacement, saving you money.

Protects Your Furnitures

Made of high-quality vinyl, the door scratch protector is strong enough to withstand the most aggressive scratching and protect your door from the cat or dog's claws, extending the life of your door and save on maintenance costs.


  • Name: Cat climbing mat
  • Product properties: Cat climbing and anti-scratch stickers
  • Material: Non-woven blanket, 100% polyester
  • Size: 11.8in/30cm*3.28 ft/1m

                   15.7in/40cm*3.28 ft/1m

                   23.6in/60cm*3.28 ft/1m

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